Brilliant Life: How to Live a Brilliant, Balanced Life (Unabridged)


Written By: Michael Heppell

Written By: Michael Heppell

Length:6 hour 31 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: From the best-selling author of Flip It! , Michael Heppell, comes the ultimate interactive self-help book and your workbook for success. Brilliant Life is your life manual. Creating a brilliant life is easy when you know how. We've all got things in our lives that need a little attention (sometimes a lot!). Being aware of them is one thing, but making positive and lasting changes is something entirely different. You need focus, clear instruction and achievable goals to get the balance right. That's where Brilliant Life comes in. The techniques are simple - some will give you very quick results, others will need more effort. This book is designed to be a reference book for you to use now and in the future. Brilliant Life has eight wheels of life, one for each key life each area, that will truly teach you about your true self and indentify the areas where you need to focus your energy and spend valuable time on developing.

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