Brighter Brains: Scientific American Mind


Written By: James R. FlynnDavid BielloIngrid KieferMichael Macht

Written By: Mark Moran

Length:1 hour and 37 minutes

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Audiobook Summary:This edition includes six fascinating articles: "Solving the IQ Puzzle": Why is your IQ higher than your parents? It is because of the Flynn effect, says the person who coined the phrase: James R. Flynn. "Searching for God in the Brain": Researchers are unearthing the roots of religious feeling in the experiences of nuns, Buddhists and others. "Brain Food": Paying attention to what and when you eat can maximize your mental prowess. "Feeding the Psyche": Why we crave chips and chocolate when we're upset or anxious - and how scientists are coming to conclusions about food and mood. "Fantasy Therapy": Virtual computer worlds are helping people cope with phobias, eating disorders, and severe pain.