Bound for Canaan: The Underground Railroad and the War for the Soul of America


Written By: Fergus M. Bordewich

Written By: Fergus M. Bordewich

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An essential book of epic scope on America's first racially integrated, religiously inspired movements for change.

The civil war brought to a climax the country's bitter division. The authentic story of the Underground Railroad is far more morally complicated and politically divisive than even the myths suggest. Against a backcloth of the nation's westward expansion arose a intense clash of values that was nothing significantly less when compared to a war for the country's soul. Not since the American Revolution had the country engaged in an act of said vast and profound civil disobedience which not only challenged prevailing mores but also subverted federal legislation.

Bound for Canaan tells the tales of men as well as women like David Ruggles, who invented the black under-ground in Nyc; bold Quakers like Isaac Hopper and Levi Coffin, who risked their lives to build the Underground Railroad; and the inimitable Harriet Tubman. Interweaving thrilling private stories with all the politics of slavery and abolition, Bound for Canaan reveals how the Underground Railroad gave birth to the nation's first racially integrated, religiously inspired movements for social change.

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