Bored?: Scientific American Mind


Written By: Anna Gosline

Written By: Mark Moran

Length:1 hour and 41 minutes

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Audiobook Summary:This edition includes five fascinating articles: "Bored?": Researchers have a simple cure for boredom: find focus, live in the moment, and have something to live for. "Do Animals Feel Empathy?": A look at the evolutionary origins of empathy, and whether animals can experience it. "The Secret to Raising Smart Kids": More than 30 years of research has revealed the key to success for your kids - in school and in life. "Sex, Math, and Scientific Achievement": Higher verbal and memory skills that women have lead them to different careers than men (who are better at visual tasks and mental manipulation of objects). "Psychedelic Healing": The same hallucinogenic drugs that blew minds in the 1960's may soon be treating ailments.