Bootstrap Leadership: 50 Ways to Break Out, Take Charge and Move Up (Unabridged)


Written By: Steve Arneson

Written By: Michael Mish

Length:8 hours and 47 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Leadership training can be inconsistent in the best of times, and in tough economic times, it's often one of the first things that even the most progressive companies cut back. Nor can you depend on finding that mentor you've been hoping for. So now, more than ever, if you're going to advance your career, you need to lift yourself up by your bootstraps. But not entirely: Steve Arneson is here to give you a boost. In Bootstrap Leadership , Arneson, one of America's top leadership coaches, offers a complete blueprint for designing your own personal leadership development program. In 50 brief, to-the-point chapters, he provides creative and practical ideas that have been proven successful in his work with executives at Fortune 500 companies like AOL, PepsiCo, and Capital One. But surprisingly, these ideas cost nothing or next to nothing to implement, nor do they require any elaborate equipment or infrastructure - they're open to anyone with sufficient initiative, drive and ambition. No one is going to just give you that next promotion - you have to develop yourself, and earn it. Bootstrap Leadership shows you how.