Birth Preparation for Twins or Triplets: Easing the Transition from Pregnancy to Motherhood


Written By: Anne Marshall

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Length:30 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: If you are pregnant, you will know how important it is to develop a positive mental attitude about the birthing process and your transition to motherhood. Based on Anne's CD 'Positively Expectant', this audio track focuses on helping you prepare for a positive birth experience if you are carrying twins or triplets. Using a combination of direct and indirect suggestions Anne's deeply soothing voice will help you to release any negative feelings or anxieties you may have about giving birth and replace them with positive expectations for a smooth and easy delivery. You will also be guided to have an 'inner conversation' with your growing babies to strengthen the loving bond between you. Listening to this audio track on a regular basis can help you to release or undo any negative, or limiting beliefs you may have about giving birth and help you to look forward to the remainder of your pregnancy with confidence and ease. IMPORTANT: The powerful suggestions contained within this audio track are designed to take your attention inwards. Please do not listen whilst driving, or performing any activity that requires your external conscious awareness. Background music by Silencio