Beyond Integrity: A Judeo-Christian Approach to Business Ethics (Unabridged)


Written By: Scott B. RaeKenman L. Wong

Written By: John Pruden

Length:26 hour 32 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Here is a revised, updated, improved edition of a groundbreaking textbook in business ethics that will fill the need for a textbook on this subject for professors and students at Christian colleges and universities. Integrity is essential to Judeo-Christian business ethics. But today's business environment is complex. Those in business, and those preparing to enter the business world, need more than a simple admonition to live and act ethically. They need to struggle with the question of how integrity and biblical principles can be applied in the workplace. They need to go "beyond integrity" in their thinking. But all too often, books on business ethics from a Judeo-Christian perspective are either very theoretical or simplistic and dogmatic. Beyond Integrity offers a balanced approach to a number of concrete ethical issues. Readings from a wide range of sources present competing perspectives on each issue, and real-life case studies further help the listener grapple with ethical dilemmas. The authors want to help the listener arrive at his or her own conclusions. To this end, they provide a decision-making model. They also present, in addition to several views on each topic, a distinctly Christian perspective on each issue under discussion.