Be a Stress Survivor: Learn How to Manage Your Response to Situations and People and Become Calmer and Feel More in Control


Written By: Anne Morrison

Written By: Anne Morrison

Length:1 hour and 49 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Be a Stress Survivor. Do you feel stressed and worried? Are you finding that you can't sleep and night? Do you wish you could be more relaxed and feel more in control? This self - help course is designed to help you identify what is triggering your stress response and to help you change what you think and say to yourself. You are guided through different steps, each one building on the last to help you change how you think, behave and feel. The audiobook has some simple hints and tips that you can chose to explore further and six techniques which, after you have practiced and learned, can help you become calmer and more relaxed. Be a Stress Survivor is a comprehensive self-help course that can help you change your attitudes to situations and people, and be able to respond to those situations and people in different, more helpful ways. You will need some way of noting down your thoughts and responses so pen and paper, lap-top or pc will be needed.