Awake and Aware (Unabridged)


Written By: Ann-Iren BrandtBeathe Asheim

Written By: Marianne Hoff Engesland

Length:28 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: In this audiobook, you will be working with the Enspira model, a simple and effective tool you can use to improve your daily life - and thus the lives of those around you. The Enspira model is a way of thinking that will help you create positive energy and be more consciously present in the moment: in the here and now. People today have a choice: We can choose to create more positive energy and love, both in ourselves and in our surroundings. We can choose to go from being preoccupied and distant in our everyday lives to becoming people who are more awake, more aware and present in the Here and Now. We can achieve this by individually taking responsibility for our energy within and the energy we convey and transfer to other people. Tracks: 1. Awake and aware : 2. Your awareness : 3. Your energy : 4. Your thoughts : 5. The ego : 6. ChildrenZs awareness : 7. Love