Amazing Love Stories - Volume 1: Inspirational Stories (Unabridged)


Written By: Charles Margerison

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Length:53 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary:

What could it be that gets one man fall in love with another? Explore this endless question in this unique short group of audio narratives. You will detect the love stories behind two of earth's most astounding couples: William Shakespeare and his own wife, Anne Hathaway, and Thomas Jefferson and his small-known mistress, Sally Hemings.

Two very different relationships; these stories offer new views on them both, revealing what drew them together and what pulled them aside. They also offer a new viewpoint on the accomplishments of Jefferson and Shakespeare, through this original insight to the lives of the girls who affected them and whom they loved.

Each tale comes alive through BioViews®. These are short biographical stories, related to interviews. These exceptional narratives offer a simple means of education about amazing people who made significant contributions and altered our world.