A&E Haunted History: Haunted Pacific Northwest


Written By: The History Channel

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Length:50 min.

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Audiobook Summary:They are places rich in history, and some say, thick with the spirits of those who lived that history. This program is a captivating tour of ghostly America. Exhaustively researched and thoroughly captivating, Haunted History will have even diehard skeptics keeping the lights on at night. The Pacific Northwest, the last unexplored corner of the continental U.S. that lured soldiers, seafarers, and women of the night, where the spirits of some still linger. In Washington, a gold miner's ghost prowls long forgotten streets, sealed under downtown Seattle. Port Townsend boasts the region's most haunted hotel, and a restless Jesuit priest, still searching for eternal peace. And in a Portland, Oregon, tavern a young woman called Rose lurks in the shadows, the victim of an unsolved murder.