Adolf Hitler: The Leaders Series (Dramatized)


Written By: Steven Fuller

Written By: Stephen Thorne and Full Cast

Length:59 min.

Customer Rating :4.17

Retail Price:$9.60


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Audiobook Summary:Adolf Hitler had no compassion for his fellow man and yet could beguile them individually or in tens of thousands; he was so narcissistic that he could throw a tantrum to get his way if his supposedly iron will was contradicted. His favoured architect, Albert Speer, compared him to a 6-year-old child. This remark provides a valuable insight when considering Hitler's unthinking cruelty and incomparable destructiveness. In this sometimes spine-chilling audio biography, the dark atmosphere of the age is superbly conveyed, with actor Michael Burrell giving a terrifyingly convincing interpretation of the demonic despot. Hitler is played by Michael Burrell, with other parts played by Michael Kilgarrif and Michael Sheard.