A Very Strange Trip (Unabridged)


Written By: L. Ron HubbardDave Wolverton

Written By: Bob CasoJim MeskimenTamra MeskimenTait RuppertChristina HuntingtonPhil ProctorMatt Wolf

Length:6 hour 24 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: Caught by police with moonshine in the trunk of his uncle's car, Everett Dumphee is faced with the decision to spend 10 years in prison or enlist in the United States Army. He opts for what he thinks is freedom - a hitch in the Army. Due to bureaucratic negligence, Dumphee - incorrectly labeled as the fastest bootleg driver in West Virginia - is issued the occupational specialty designation of Expert Truck Driver. Subsequently, he is selected for a top-secret assignment in a newly designed and state-of-the-art All Terrain Vehicle. While transporting a contraband Russian time machine and developmental weaponry from Trenton Arsenal in New Jersey to the Experimental Weapons Battalion in Denver, Colorado, Dumphee finds himself cast into new settings when the device suddenly activates. What follows are fantastic high-tech experiences that might be called the ultimate off-road adventure. For the determined Dumphee - narrowly escaping with his life and three beautiful women - it is not necessarily a matter of will that he make it to his destination, but when. These four vivid characters trek through this fun and fast-moving journey like there's no tomorrow. Whatever that may be. In A Very Strange Trip , New York Times best-selling authors L. Ron Hubbard and Dave Wolverton deliver a highly absorbing and entertaining story with more than one interesting twist.