A Time to Kill & The King of Torts (Unabridged)


Written By: John Grisham

Written By: Michael Beck

Length:28 hours and 40 min.

Customer Rating :4.12

Retail Price:$46.95

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Audiobook Summary:

Two from the grasp of the authorized thriller:

A Time to Kill: The existence of a 10-year-old black woman is shattered by two drunken and remorseless teenage boys. The largely white town reacts with shock and horror in the inhuman crime, until her father gets an assault rifle and requires justice into his own outraged fingers.

For 10 days, with burning crosses as well as the crack of sniper fire spreading through the streets of Clanton, Mississippi, the nation sits spellbound as young defense attorney Jack Brigance struggles to save his customer's life...and then his own.

The King of Torts: When Clay Carter of the public defender's office reluctantly takes the situation of a child charged with a random road killing, he assumes it is just another of the many senseless murders that strike D.C. every week. But as he digs to the back ground of his client, Clay stumbles on a conspiracy also horrible to believe. He suddenly finds himself in the middle of a complex case against among the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, looking in the type of huge settlement that would totally change his existence - which would make him, almost overnight, the lawful profession's latest king of torts.