A Forest of Stars: The Saga of Seven Suns, Book 2 (Unabridged)


Written By: Kevin J. Anderson

Written By: George Guidall

Length:20 hours and 46 min.

Customer Rating :4.23

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Audiobook Summary:Kevin J. Anderson is the author of 27 national best sellers and several books in the popular Dune , Star Wars , and X-Files series. Forest of Stars is the second book in his acclaimed Saga of Seven Suns series, which begins with Hidden Empire . Early in the 25th century, humans ignited a fierce war with the hydrogues. Now the gas-giant planets, once a major source of fuel for Earth, are off limits, and the fearsome hydrogues scour the solar system, incinerating humans and the trees of the worldforest. As political unrest spreads throughout Earth's space colonies, a possible ally is discovered: an ancient race of water-based creatures. But is it too late to stop the war? Forest of Stars is a breathtaking science fiction epic, encompassing the power of galactic politics and the poetry of private dreams. Audie Award-winning narrator Geroge Guidall voices each character, whether human or alien, with dramatic intensity in a work that seems written for audio.