A Divine Word from a Revelation: God is Longing for the World to Listen to His Message


Written By: Ruben Gabriel

Written By: Sean Kilgore

Length:3 hours and 46 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: God is waiting for you to love him, to need him, and for you to surrender your will to him. The rewards and blessings you will receive are endless and eternal. God is searching the world for those who are willing to listen, for those who are brave enough to follow, and for those trying to find a meaning in this life. God is calling. Do you know how to answer? Give over your old life and gain so much more. There is hope for everyone and where there is hope, darkness cannot reign. Author Ruben Gabriel offers a transparent approach to God's heartening voice. Open your own heart and mind to a journey through the word like you've never explored before. Packed with spiritual insight and applicable scripture, you'll be left feeling strengthened by A Divine Word from A Revelation .

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