Harvard Business Review: The Tests of a Leader


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Audiobook Summary:This issue includes four complete articles, all on the theme of this month's issue: leadership. In "Becoming the Boss", Linda Hill offers some tips from common mistakes first time managers make. In "Firing Back", Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Andrew Ward talk to leaders about their career disasters and how they bounced back. Then, from the HBR archives, Jeffrey Kotter's "Leading Change" explains why most transformation efforts fail. And, also from the best of HBR archives, "When a New Manager Takes Charge" by John Gabarro explains what really happens when a new leader is learning on the job. Plus, you'll hear OnPoint summaries of two other articles: "Courage as a Skill" by Kathleen Readon and "How Leaders Create and Use Networks", by Herminia Ibarra and Mark Hunter. Finally, you'll hear executive summaries of the remaining four articles from this month's issue special issue of the Harvard Business Review .