2 Corinthians


Written By: Dr. Bill Creasy

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Audiobook Summary: Paul sends 1 Corinthians to the church at Corinth, and when they receive the epistle, they are livid! They immediately write back to Paul in very harsh terms (the letter from Corinth has been lost, but Paul alludes to it in 2 Corinthians), prompting Paul to get on board ship in Ephesus, sail to Corinth and address the church in person. It is not a pleasant visit. When Paul gets back to Ephesus he has second thoughts about his "short but painful visit", and he writes 2 Corinthians to smooth things over. Not long into the epistle, though, Paul shifts tone. People in Corinth have called Paul's apostleship into question, and they have accused him of stealing the collection he had taken up for the church in Jerusalem! Listen as Logos Bible Study's Dr. Bill Creasy illuminates the contentious relationship between Paul and this troublesome church he had created.

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