15 Minutes on Positive Thinking (Unabridged)


Written By: Anne Marshall

Written By: Anne Marshall

Length:15 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Have you ever caught yourself trapped in a pattern of negative thinking? Most of us have suffered from negative or unhelpful thinking patterns at one time or another but if these patterns are left unchecked they can begin to spoil your happiness and limit your potential. In this short but incisive recording Wellness Coach Anne Marshall guides you into raising your awareness of what your own self talk, or internal dialogues might be like on a day to day basis. She will then show you how you can begin to release, or soften, any unhelpful thought patterns you may have replacing them with self-talk and beliefs that can actually help to enhance your wellbeing. Anne Marshall is author of The Health Factor - Coach Yourself to Better Health and offers both Hypnosis and Coaching to help her clients achieve their health goals with speed and ease.