10 Quick Steps to Making Perfect Google AdSense


Written By: Audri and Jim Lanford

Written By: David Lawrence

Length:51 min.

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Audiobook Summary:Audri and Jim Lanford reveal to you, in 10 Quick Steps , the quickest way to make money with your Web site and Google AdSense. They show you how to easily and properly apply for AdSense, what to do if you get rejected, how to implement the code on your site, how to find high-paying keywords and more. And Audri and Jim reveal how to dramatically increase traffic to your AdSense site. Learn the three things to avoid at all costs when adding AdSense to your site...the only AdSense ad layout you should display (and why)...the four mistakes most people make that could let your competitors steal income from you, and when to let them do just that...how to convince Google to accept your site in the program...and the five things you must do to uncover hidden income from your Web pages.