1 Samuel


Written By: Dr. Bill Creasy

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Audiobook Summary: In 1 Samuel we continue our narrative. Samuel is the last of the judges, and with his end approaching, the people demand a king "so we can be like all the other nations." As God tells Samuel, "it is not you they have rejected, they have rejected me as their king." And indeed they have. The people choose a king, Saul, of the tribe of Benjamin. Saul will rule Israel for an entire generation, but although he looks like a king, he does not have the heart of a king, and the weight of kingship crushes him. As Saul descends into madness, a young man named David begins his rise. Not only is the story of David the greatest story in the Hebrew Scriptures, it is among the greatest stories in all of world literature. Join Logos Bible Study as Dr. Bill Creasy tells this incredible story as only a world-class teacher can!

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