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Monetizing Joy

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Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz’s JK Wedding Entrance Dance video on Youtube has met with extraordinary viral success. As I write this, the video has been viewed 17.3 million times. It is a joy to watch and I’m sure it was a joyous day as well. Jill and Kevin have added links to the video and to the video download page to support the Sheila Wellstone Institute, which is dedicated to ensuring that ending violence against women and children is a national priority.

I hope the 17+ million viewers have been able to make a serious donation to the institute.

Make sure you see this video.

2007 YouTube Video Awards

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YouTube AwardsYouTube has given video awards to 12 videos. The categories are Adorable, Comedy, Commentary, Creative, Eyewitness, Inspirational, Instructional, Music, Politics, Series, Short Film, and Sports. The winners get bragging rights, a trophy and an invitation to an event later this year, presumably an awards ceremony.

Which one do you like best?

YouTube – Now a Video Management and Delivery Platform

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YouTubeYouTube announced the launch of YouTube Everywhere. This opens up YouTube services and functionality to be used on every website or application that wants to integrate with YouTube and use its services. You can set it up so that your users can upload videos to YouTube and never leave your site. You can retrieve your user’s videos and play them on your site, with a player that you get to brand. You can add/edit user and video metadata (titles, descriptions, ratings, comments, favorites, contacts, etc).

This move means that anyone can build a YouTube like capability into their website or application and take advantage of YouTube’s full capabilities and you can do it for free. This is an amazing tool kit that will allow people to build all kinds of interesting applications. All of this will be great to see.

Digital Podcast 28: Will Kina Grannis Crash the SuperBowl?

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Kina Grannis, an aspiring singer songwriter, caught my attention along with a lot of the tech community with a post over at Digg. The post linked to Kina’s YouTube page and had a song called “Gotta Digg”. The Digg fans went crazy for Kina and voted over 10,000 times for collection of posts linking to   …Continue Reading

The Queen’s YouTube

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The British Monarchy have created a channel on YouTube. Queen Elizabeth ll’s Christmas day video will now be available on YouTube at the Royal Channel. It will be interesting to see how long it takes other world leaders to realize that they have a direct channel to the people via the internet. Who needs CNN when you can have your own channel.