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The Seven Trends of the Current Economic Storm

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While I normally focus on digital and social media, my focus has been completely distracted by the current economic turmoil and political season. The world is facing a very difficult challenge that will likely result in many disruptive changes for everyone. I wanted to get my thinking straight on some of this stuff and I thought I would share. I hope you find it useful. If you have thoughts you would like to add, please leave a comment.

I see 7 major trends affecting consumers, businesses, investors and governments that will result in major changes from the way things have been. It’s going to create new winners and losers. For those with a ready mind and the ability to invest it will mean big opportunities. Let me know what your think.

Microsoft Drops Yahoo Bid

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No MicrohooMicrosoft has officially dropped it’s bid to buy Yahoo. It took quite a long time for Microsoft to see the light and it may only have been Yahoo holding out for a higher price that finally killed the deal.

Yahoo Announces New Open Strategy

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Yahoo LogoYahoo’s CTO Ari Balogh opened his speech at Web 2.0 Expo speaking about about 3 big bets: being the most important starting point for the web, being a must buy advertising property and being open.

In his speech Ari, describes Yahoo’s New Open Strategy called Y! OS.

Everyone Knows MicroHoo is a Bad Idea

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Yahoo told Microsoft to pony up a few more bucks if they really want the deal to go through. I hope for both Yahoo and MS that MS gets a clue. Microsoft has been hit hard in the market since the Yahoo bid with it’s stock down from $32 to $28 which is about a $30 Billion drop. The street is smart enough to know this deal is a bad deal, I hope MS gets the message. Although if I was some big fund with a bunch of Yahoo stock I’d be pushing hard for a sale, so Yahoo better get a clue about what it needs to do to stay independent.

Why Googleville is Happy Tonight

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The folks at Google must be smiling tonight. Microsoft has been lured into putting a bid in for Yahoo. This is a waste of time, money and energy by Microsoft and that should make the Google folks more confident that they are on their way to overtaking Microsoft in the battle for leading technology company on the planet.