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User-Generated Content Discussion at Future of Television

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This panel at the Future of Television focused on user generated content, it’s role and the ways in which it can add value.

Ken Todd, VP, Content, Showtime Networks
Richard Titus, Head of User Experience, BBC Future Media & Technology
Ivana Ma, Partner & President, New Media, Generate
Moderator: Rohit Bhargava, Author, Personality Not Included / SVP, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

What’s the role of UGC?

Digital Podcast 38: ExpoTV’s David Becker on Managing Risk in Social Marketing Campaigns

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ExpoTVDavid discusses the concerns advertisers have about marketing around user generated content and some of the steps marketers can take to mitigate the risks. He provides case studies from other companies that show how they have managed to produce successful social marketing campaigns. David has suggestions about how to connect with super fans and turn them into allies that will make social marketing work for you.