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Ashton Kutcher Vs. CNN – The Twitter Competition

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Ashton Kutcher and CNN seem to be in a race to 1,000,000 Twitter followers. Ashton brings everyone up to date with this video from his car via Qik.

Some memorable quotes from Ashton:

I found it astonishing that one person can have as big a voice as an entire media company on Twitter.

Social Television – Can Twitter Defeat the DVR?

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TV beats TivoI noticed tonight a quiet had come over my Twitter feed as the SXSW conference came to an end. Scared to look at the 1000s of posts in my Google Reader, I turned to that old favorite – TV. And I must admit to being an American Idol fan as it works so well to get my family talking about the show. It is a perfect example of a live, in person social object at work. The content is there, we are there and we talk.

Even though I didn’t attend SXSW, I noticed the same thing happened there. Twitter made every session a social object. The event was the content, the crowd was there and they were talking to each other on Twitter. The same thing happened at the academy awards as fans logged into to Twitter to chat about the show as it went along.

Twitter – The Mob As Newsfeed

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TwitterIf you’re not watching what’s said at Twitter, you’re missing the real time news.

Twitter, self described as a “social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time”, has rapidly become a source of real time juicy material for reporters and bloggers straight from the crowd.

Twitter asks people just one question: What are you doing now? You get to answer with up to 140 characters, which is the limit for SMS text messages on cell phones.

The resulting Tweets can be monitored on a web browser or on your phone. The service has proven remarkable popular and become an interesting, real time new sources for news tips. Two very recent examples have the tech industry twittering away.