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Is There a Future For TV?

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In the first session at the Future of Television Conference, held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California, was full of stats and data from analysts at SmithGeiger, Parks Associates and Magid Associates.

The bottom line – the internet has caught up with TV for entertainment use. TV viewing is down by about 2 hours from last year, with most of the increase being in watching online video.

Future of Television Advertising

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Television is changing a lot and television advertising is changing with it. Tivo, DVRs and the internet are changing the way content and advertising is consumed. It changes the way TV ads need to work. This panel explores some of the changes they see on the horizon.

Karen Bressner, SVP, Advertising Sales, TiVo
Eric Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer, Heavy Corporation
Rick Mandler, VP, Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Media Networks
Robert Riesenberg, President & CEO, Full Circle Entertainment
Moderator: Joe Adalian, Television Editor, Variety

What’s the future of the 30 second spot?

Social Television – Can Twitter Defeat the DVR?

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TV beats TivoI noticed tonight a quiet had come over my Twitter feed as the SXSW conference came to an end. Scared to look at the 1000s of posts in my Google Reader, I turned to that old favorite – TV. And I must admit to being an American Idol fan as it works so well to get my family talking about the show. It is a perfect example of a live, in person social object at work. The content is there, we are there and we talk.

Even though I didn’t attend SXSW, I noticed the same thing happened there. Twitter made every session a social object. The event was the content, the crowd was there and they were talking to each other on Twitter. The same thing happened at the academy awards as fans logged into to Twitter to chat about the show as it went along.