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Top 4 Takeaways from Blogworld Expo – #BWE09

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The last two days, I attended BlogWorld Expo, held in Las Vegas. The show covered a wide range of topics interesting to bloggers and podcasters, including topics for bloggers who want to turn their new media efforts into commercial successes, newbies wanting to get started and companies trying to develop strategies and processes for working with social media. I focused my time on the tracks relating to turning your blog or podcast into a commercial success.

From those tracks, I came away with four key takeaways for bloggers and podcasters who are trying to become commercial successes at what they do.

Ten Takeaways from LA Games Conference

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The LA Games Conference, held in Hollywood, was a great event. I had 10 key takeaways from the show. If you want to learn more, click through to see the video.

  1. The strong financial performance of the game industry continues despite the bad economy
  2. The rise of free to play – see FreeRealms.com as an example
  3. The power of virtual currency, goods, commerce to monetize play and turn communities into economies (Got to wonder when will Facebook and Myspace figure this out?)
  4. Apple doubled the mobile games market almost overnight
  5. Phones will become one of the interfaces for games
  6. Mobile applications are emerging as a new ad unit
  7. The mobile game/iPhone application market is creating a huge merchandising problem
  8. Integration of games/real world – See Nolan Bushnell
  9. Rise of electronic Distribution – Steam
  10. Emergence of cloud based distribution – Onlive

Top 10 Takeaways From Graphing Social West

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Graphing SocialLast week I attended Graphing Social Patterns West and reported on the sessions that took place down in San Diego. It was a great event with lots of content.

After a bit of reflection, these are my top 10 takeaways from the event.