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Digital Podcast 57: Gather’s CEO Tom Gerace

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At the recent Digital Hollywood conference, I met with Tom Gerace, CEO of Gather.com. Gather is a social network focused on the over 30 crowd and with a tagline of “The Best Conversation Online”. The social network is oriented by topics such a politics, music, cooking and movies with strong incentives for users to create posts on these topics. The site gives people on the network “Gather Points” for participating. These points can be cashed in for gift cards at Starbucks, Target and Amazon.

Tom and I had a great conversation about Gather and what they are doing to make the site a success.

Digital Podcast 45: How to Make Social Networking Profitable

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Peanuts for Cash
In this podcast, we interview Murtaza Hussain, CEO of Peanut Labs. Our focus is on making money in social networks by understanding the opportunity to turn a community into an economy.

Before we dive into the interview, it’s worth explaining why this is an issue.

Facebook and MySpace have grown very large as social networking sites and white label services like Ning have also grown very popular. These sites have lots of users and lots of page views, but how to make social networking sites profitable is still an open question.

Ning Surpasses 200,000 Social Networks – But Is It Cash Flow Positive?

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Ning LogoMarc Andreessen posts at his blog that Ning has now passed 200,000 social networks using the Ning platform. Ning is a simple to use service that allows you to create a social network site for anything you want. You get user pages, photos, videos, discussions and the rest of the tools commonly used in social networking.

If you’re a podcaster and want a social network for your fan club it’s worth checking out.

Let’s Get Social at Graphing Social West

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I’m here at Graphing Social West in San Diego. The guys from O’Reilly were kind enough to extend me a press pass so I get to see/hear what’s going on. The agenda looks good with presentations from analysts and company executives.

Charlene Li, from Forester, kicks things off with a presentation on the future of social networks, then Amit Kapur from MySpace speaks about MySpace as a platform. After that, there’s lots more on the agenda.

Lowering The Cost and Risk of Building Community

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shopping mallIt’s good to see brand marketers are working to produce some interesting work that ties TV together with online social communities. This post from Dave Deal titled Listening through communities shows off efforts by Levi and Kraft Crystal Light.

It’s great to see marketers start to understand why community matters, and it’s why we’re seeing investment in sites like these. Both are nicely designed sites that offer the promise of community.

The problem is that huge brands like these need to be attracting the attention of large audiences to make their marketing efficient, and trying to create large, new communities from scratch is both high cost and high risk.

Digital Podcast 36: SodaHead’s CEO Jason Feffer on Social Networking 2.0

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We interview Jason Feffer, Founder and CEO, of SodaHead. Jason was one of the earliest employees at MySpace and experienced their rapid rise into major social networking site. After MySpace, Jason founded SodaHead, a company in the Social Answers space. SodaHead allows users to set up opinion polls that users get to vote and comment on. It’s a fun and addictive experience, and well worth trying. Jason’s discussion of his experience at MySpace illustrates the importance of operational optimization to drive monetization of super fans. In his new company, Jason is putting a lot of what he’s learned to create a new and fun social site. SodaHead has mastered the art of lowering the difficulty and barriers to user generated. It leads to an experience where its much easier to join in the social mix in a more meaningful way than just asking someone to be your friend. SodaHead is definitely an experience everyone should try.

Why Googleville is Happy Tonight

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The folks at Google must be smiling tonight. Microsoft has been lured into putting a bid in for Yahoo. This is a waste of time, money and energy by Microsoft and that should make the Google folks more confident that they are on their way to overtaking Microsoft in the battle for leading technology company on the planet.

Nokia’s Take on Web 2.0 – It’s About Connecting People

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Nokia has produced a fun little video that tries to define Web 2.0. Nokia defines Web 2.0 as being all about connecting people. It makes sense coming from Nokia given their focus on mobile communications, but I think they’ve got it right. To much is made of all the technology and not enough about people’s basic desire to connect and know other people.

In a post I made a while back, I think it is all about people communicating with people.

Digital Podcast 22: KickApps’ Alex Blum on Social Network Applications

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Alex Blum, CEO of KickApps, met with me at Digital Hollywood. KickApps like some of the other companies Digital Podcast interviewed at the show provides an on demand white label social network application. Unlike some of the other services, KickApps can be self administered and if you are willing to give up some advertising inventory   …Continue Reading