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Can Social Media Make The World A Better Place?

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Today, I received a email from someone I’ve never met who is involved with involved with International Medical Corp that asked me to post about their project at the American Express Members Project.

I was impressed by their use of social media. It’s good to see social media doing some good things for the world. She sent me a link to their social media news release that was chock full of ways to learn about the project.

In short the project goal is saving the lives of malnourished children. And they need your vote to help them increase the amount of funding they can get for the project.

Social Media: Strategies in Content and Commerce

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I spent yesterday at NATPE’s LATV Festival enjoying some interesting discussions and presentations from the Digital Day. This report is a synopsis of one of those sessions. This session focused on social media and how digital media executives are using it to their advantage.

LATV Festival Social Media Panel

Social Media is all the rage these days and Hollywood is getting on board. In this panel, executives from NBC.com, MTV Networks, Or Die Networks, Fan Rocket and Broadcast & Cable discuss social media and how it’s impact on their businesses.

Social Media Marketing at SeaWorld

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SeaWorld Blog logoSocial media can be a very effective mechanism for marketing as shown in this video case study produced by Shel Israel as part of FastCompany.tv. The campaign was put together by SeaWorld San Antonio and focused on a pre-launch campaign for a new ride at the park called Journey to Atlantis.

They put up a WordPress blog and uploaded raw content to Flickr and YouTube. They then worked the online communities focused on roller coasters to get the word out.

This is an excellent example of a simple, highly focused campaign and a well orchestrated effort to measure the results.

Conquering the Social Media Blues with Performance Management

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Conquering the Social Media BluesConquering the Social Media Blues: Five Steps to Social Media Performance Management is a mini-ebook that focuses on how to use social media performance management and measurement to successfully manage growth.

It’s a management approach that applies a metrics philosophy to product development, product marketing, and business planning, so that resources can be focused and success can be repeated. The metrics philosophy that’s employed typically needs to be consistent with the performance criteria of broadcast media, but incorporates the interactive dynamics of social media.

Digital Podcast 40: Social Media Performance Measurement

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MeasurementI believe that a lot of money will be wasted on social media initiatives and to make sure we don’t waste too much I think we need to build a framework for managing performance on the social web. I hope this podcast can be the start of a conversation about online performance measures and management as it relates to social media.

The hype and growth surrounding the space means that everyone is rushing in to connect with the huge audiences that are possible with successful social networks. Budweiser, Coke, Fast Company and many other brands have been deploying big new social networking initiatives. Facebook applications are being built right and left. Open Social means that even more social applications will be built for the other big networks as well.

However, while social networks like Flickr and cool Facebook apps are fun and social they may not generate significant commercial returns. Leading media and brand marketers know they need to be embracing social media, but risk falling into the same trap if they don’t focus on success and doing it in a way that makes sense for the social web.

Digital Podcast 39: USC’s David Bloom on How USC is Using Social Media

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USC MarshallIn Digital Podcast 39, we interview David Bloom. David is Associate Dean and Chief Communications Officer at USC’s Marshall School of Business. I met David at an event USC’s Marshall school hosted during the Los Angeles Technology Week. David described some the social media initiatives being used by the University to communicate with potential students, students and alums.

Digital Podcast 37: Microsoft’s Dean Carignan on In Game Advertising

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As part of our Super Fan series, we interviewed Dean Carignan. Dean is Director, Advertising Business Strategy for Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division. Dean was able to provide us with some excellent perspective on these new advertising opportunities. He is part of a group that looks at opportunities to advertise via the Xbox, Media Center, Zune and mobile platforms. We go into depth on in game advertising and how important this new segment will be. He walked us through case studies of Domino’s Pizza and P&G that describe how a well designed campaign can add to the realism of the game experience and yield results for the advertiser.

This is must listen podcast for advertisers who are struggling with breaking through on television and are looking for new ways to market their products using these quickly growing platforms.

Digital Podcast 36: SodaHead’s CEO Jason Feffer on Social Networking 2.0

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We interview Jason Feffer, Founder and CEO, of SodaHead. Jason was one of the earliest employees at MySpace and experienced their rapid rise into major social networking site. After MySpace, Jason founded SodaHead, a company in the Social Answers space. SodaHead allows users to set up opinion polls that users get to vote and comment on. It’s a fun and addictive experience, and well worth trying. Jason’s discussion of his experience at MySpace illustrates the importance of operational optimization to drive monetization of super fans. In his new company, Jason is putting a lot of what he’s learned to create a new and fun social site. SodaHead has mastered the art of lowering the difficulty and barriers to user generated. It leads to an experience where its much easier to join in the social mix in a more meaningful way than just asking someone to be your friend. SodaHead is definitely an experience everyone should try.

Social Media Star Kina Grannis Wins Super Bowl Contest

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Kina Grannis, a big Digg fan, used social media and some great content to win Dorito’s Crash the Super Bowl Contest. She just appeared on the Super Bowl in a 60 second music video and has won a recording contract with Interscope Records.

Why Googleville is Happy Tonight

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The folks at Google must be smiling tonight. Microsoft has been lured into putting a bid in for Yahoo. This is a waste of time, money and energy by Microsoft and that should make the Google folks more confident that they are on their way to overtaking Microsoft in the battle for leading technology company on the planet.