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How to Win the Social Game

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We are live blogging from the LA Games Conference. This session of the conference focuses on How to Win the Social Game – Harnessing the Power of Online Communities and Social Networks.

Panelists include:
Craig Alexander, Vice President, Product Development, Turbine
Ranah Edelin, Vice President, Electronic Arts
Mike Goslin, Vice President, Disney Online Studios
Scott VP Creative and User Experience, Gaia Online
Gabe Zichermann, CEO, rmbr.com
Moderator: Eric Goldberg, Managing Director, Crossover Technologies

Eric kicked things off by introducing the panel and asks them to describe their demographics.

Making Money with Social Games for Social Platforms

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Jeremy Liew (Lightspeed Venture Patners), Mark Pincus (Zynga Game Networks), Shervin Pishevar (Social Gaming Network), Michael Lazerow (Buddy Media), John Hwang (Tripmonger) spoke at GSP West about social games.

The panel talked about what they are doing and how they are making money. It all starts with how social games are different?