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Podcasting: A New Word in The Oxford English Dictionary

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A very new word, for a recent phenomenon, and a great example of how technological change, especially that relating to the Internet and the media, can be a driving force not only in generating new words, but in determining whether they survive and succeed. In this case the rapid adoption of podcasting (the technology) as a means of making audio material available has seen podcasting (the word) move quickly from its first tentative steps in 2004, as only one of a number of suggested names for the process, to near-ubiquity in 2008.

Downloadable Media Widgets – A New Tool for Advertisers and Podcasters

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Personal Life MediaI spoke with Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media, the other day and Susan told me about an exciting new widget that they are launching. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to a new widget, but this one seems really interesting because it introduces a new distribution mechanism for downloadable media that has the potential to make downloadable media much more attractive to advertisers.

And Susan’s making the widget available to other podcasters who want to do the same thing.

Digital Podcast 44: 17 Questions about Podcasting

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question markI received an inquiry from a PhD candidate at International University of Catalonia, in Barcelona. The questions focused on the history of podcasting, what’s special about podcasting and what’s next for podcasting. He had 17 questions which I have listed below. I put together this podcast to share my take on the brief history of podcasting and rest of his questions.

If any has a different take on this leave us some comments or make your own podcast answering the 17 questions.

Digital Podcast 43: A Historical Perspective on the New Economics of Media

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Perspective on economicsIn Digital Podcast 43, I take a quick tour through the history of media to examine how the economics of the industry are changing. I kept the video under the 10 minute YouTube limit and speed through some of the changes.

Fundamentally, we are entering a new era of media economics where supply is outstripping demand. We are on the verge of seeing what I believe will be hyper-deflation in impression based economics. There is simply too much supply and not enough demand. Consumers are increasingly unwilling to spend time watching ads to consume media. The alternatives for consumers are expanding every day and the media companies are struggling to keep up.

What makes a podcast great?

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We want to know what you think makes a podcast great. Tells us why you listen or watch your favorite podcasts. We’re using a social polling technology from Sodahead to give everyone a chance to say what they think makes a podcast great.

Digital Podcast 34: Reuters’ Stephen Smyth

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We spoke with Stephen Smyth, General Manager & Senior Vice President, Americas Reuters Media about how Reuters is working to build it’s audience and strengthen its relationships with Super Fans. We discussed how they think about user segments and their needs. Stephen shared how they start with the target users experience and then build the content to fit the desired experience. He highlighted a number of the more interesting initiatives Reuters has underway at Reuters Labs. Reuters Labs is where technology, user experience, content and business model meet together as Reuters explores new ways to distribute its content in applications such as Face Search, YouWitness and Context Based Video Ads.

Digital Podcast 32: Jeffrey Bridges of Pendant Productions

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As part of our Super Fan podcast series, I spoke with Jeffrey Bridges, founder and executive producer of Pendant Productions. Pendant is an audio production group dedicated to making radio dramas like the old radio serials of the ’30s and ’40s, only modernized for today’s audiences. Pendant had 986,000 downloads of their shows in 2007 which just goes to show how popular the productions are.

Podcasting Continues to Grow

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Wizzard Media, a large podcasting network and a division of Wizzard Software, today announced the company recorded one billion podcast download requests in 2007, a milestone for Wizzard Media, its podcasting clients and the podcasting industry. Wizzard Media, comprised of podcast-hosting services Libsyn, Switchpod and Blast Podcast, received an average of 2.75 million requests for   …Continue Reading