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Introduction to OpenSocial Apps & Containers

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Patrick Chanezon (Google), Chris Schalk (Google), Kevin Marks (Google), Lou Moore (hi5 Networks) spoke on a panel about building OpenSocial applications at Graphing Social Patterns West.

What does Social mean? We look at each other, talking, laughing, we help each other, we read together, we do projects together. We also have social objects that we tell stories about.

The challenge is how do we socialize objects online without having to create yet another social network?

Introducing OpenSocial

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David Glazer, Director of Engineering at Google and leader of Google’s OpenSocial team presented at Graphing Social. He started with a perspective that the cloud is here.

Fast, easy, open, and everywhere are key reasons why cloud computing wins. The cloud is about getting the computer out of the way so that we can be more productive.

How does this matter in the social cloud?