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Is There a Future For TV?

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In the first session at the Future of Television Conference, held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California, was full of stats and data from analysts at SmithGeiger, Parks Associates and Magid Associates.

The bottom line – the internet has caught up with TV for entertainment use. TV viewing is down by about 2 hours from last year, with most of the increase being in watching online video.

Is Hollywood Killing the Game Industry?

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There’s a love-hate relationship between Hollywood and gaming, and tremendous friction around licensed properties and what they mean for the gaming industry. In this panel, the experts explore where the relationship is symbiotic, where it is destructive, the underlying sources of friction, and how the relationship is now evolving. This is a continuation of our live blogging at the eighth panel from Digital Media Wire’s LA Games Conference 2008.

Will the Writers Go Silicon?

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The Los Angeles Times has an article about striking writers in talks to launch Web start-ups. Some of the writers see the opportunity that the strike is creating for online video ventures. They are drafting business plans and meeting with venture capitalist’s like Accel Partners. Some of the writers who are drafting business plans said   …Continue Reading