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AppNite at Graphing Social

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O’reilly’s Graphing Social Patterns West they had a speed demo night where developers get to demo apps. They ran through 10 applications. Many of them are from Facebook. We SMS voted for the best of the first six and then again for the second four demos.

Distributed Social Networking for the Web Citizen

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Chris Messina presented about DiSo.

DiSo is a project founded by Steve Ivy and Chris Messina, built on top of WordPress. The project aims to explore the design of a distributed social network using many of the building blocks the blog software already supports, while leveraging technologies like XMPP and XFN for friendslist federation and message delivery.

Privacy Management & Data Portability for Social Networks

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Social networks are letting more people connect than ever before. With just a click, you can make friends with people around the world, and share your work, hobbies, and other interests. But how visible is that information?

Dan Farber (CNET Networks), Joseph Smarr (Plaxo), David Lavenda (WorkLight), Allen Hurff (MySpace), Ben Metcalfe (Swordfish Corp / DataPortability.org) discuss managing privacy and data portability for social networks.

Widget Strategies & Social Platforms

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Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research), Hooman Radfar (Clearspring Technologies, Inc.), Walker Fenton (NewsGator), Pam Webber (Widgetbox), Ben Pashman (Gigya) discussed widgets strategies.

Jeremiah walked through the challenges facing developers as it relates to monetizing apps and walked the panel through how they view these challenges.

Social Platform Competition Discussion at Graphing Social

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Facebook has Platform. Google has OpenSocial. Many social networks are choosing to also roll out their own application platform offering.

Oren Michels (Mashery), Seth Sternberg (meebo), Jessica Alter (Bebo), David Jones (Friendster), Chris Damsen (Netvibes) discussed some of the different social networking platforms.

Social Networks & the Need for Feeds

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Sean Ammirati (mSpoke / ReadWriteWeb), Ian Kennedy (Yahoo!), Bret Taylor (FriendFeed), Kevin Marks (Google),and David Recordon (Six Apart) spoke on a panel about feeds.

What’s social about feeds? Feeds help you keep track of what you friends/family are doing and can also be used a social filter for new content discovery.

MyBlogLog API: A Social Network Lookup Service

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Ian Kennedy, from Yahoo, spoke about new things at MyBlogLog. MyBlogLog announced an About Me widget and the public release of it’s API. He showed a number of examples of sites using the API to enrich their environments

Using Social Apps & Media for Social Causes

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Beth Kanter is a trainer, blogger, and consultant to nonprofits and individuals in effective use of social media. Beth discussed how social media can be used to help social causes. She describes how she does large experiments to find out what works.
She has raised over $200,000 to help Cambodian children.

Facebook Marketing Opportunties

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Rodney Rumford speaks about how use Facebook for branding. The audience is large with 66 million people and 16,000 applications. People are spending 20 minutes on site.

Rodney views it s frictionless WOMA, facilitates customer acquisition and drive low cost customer acquisition with specific demographic targeted marketing.

He describes how Facebook can be used for Lead Generation, brand extension, exposure and loyalty.

Ten Million in Ten Weeks: Stanford’s Facebook Applications

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BJ Fogg presented about how the student’s of BJ’s Facebook class developed 50+ amazing apps, 10 million installs, and 1 million daily users.

They start by running through the background to the class and the founders of the class. They call it the Stanford Facebook Class and describe how they were making it up as they went. They thought they were going to have each student make 3 apps each, which may have been over ambitious.

Thought they would get 20 students, and 120 showed up for the class.