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Digital Podcast 27: Metabeam’s CEO Chris Brown on Engaging DVD Viewers

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Chris Brown, CEO of Metabeam, met with me at Digital Hollywood and told me about his company Metabeam. Metabeam makes menus, and not just any menus, but the menus that helps us navigate our DVDs and empower the audience. Properties such as Terminator 2, Crash, Stargate and a host of others use Metabeam’s interactive menu technology to add extra features and interactivity to the DVDs. This is an important technology that helps engage and enrich the experience for true media fans.

Tivo and DVDs on Your Zune or iPod

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This video from The Digital Lounge covers three different sources of free video for your portable player: TiVo, your own DVD collection, and Windows Media Center. Watch and learn how you can easily use the video content you already have to fill up your media library in either the Zune software or iTunes.