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Apple to Rent Fox Movies

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In what must have been some marvelous licensing legal wizardry, The Financial Times is reporting that Apple has signed a deal with News Corp’s 20th Century Fox studio to provide an online video-on-demand service. The service will allow consumers to rent the latest Fox DVD releases by downloading a digital copy from Apple’s iTunes platform for a limited time.

Warner Music Now DRM Free at Amazon

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Wired is reporting that Warner Music Group began selling music on Amazon in the MP3 format without digital rights management protection. Amazon has added all of WMG’s digitized music catalog to the store.

ZML Spells Hollywood’s Newest Nightmare

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ZML.com is positioning itself as the movie version of AllofMP3, a Russian service that provided downloadable music on the cheap. They claim over 1,500 movies, such as Transformers, Live Free or Die Hard, The Bourne Ulitimatum and lots of other big tiles with prices starting at $1.99. The service requires registration and a prepaid account   …Continue Reading