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7 Steps for Surviving The Bankruptcy of the Impression Economy

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media bankruptcyThis week another newspaper group filed for bankruptcy. Freedom Communications, which runs the Orange County Register and a collection of 100 more newspapers across the country, joined Tribune Co. (operators of the other big local paper – The LA Times) and 4 other newspapers in bankruptcy court.

The problem is declining advertising revenue. The auto industry, one of the biggest buyers of newspaper ads, is in the tank. Craigslist et al have devastated the classified monopolies that provided huge profit margins for newspapers in days gone by.

If you were planning on making money by selling advertising, it’s time to come up with plan B.

Downloadable Media Widgets – A New Tool for Advertisers and Podcasters

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Personal Life MediaI spoke with Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media, the other day and Susan told me about an exciting new widget that they are launching. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to a new widget, but this one seems really interesting because it introduces a new distribution mechanism for downloadable media that has the potential to make downloadable media much more attractive to advertisers.

And Susan’s making the widget available to other podcasters who want to do the same thing.

Want Engagement? Two Technologies That May Redefine Interactive Media

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If you follow digital media, you’ve heard a lot about the importance of audience engagement. But most engagement conversations focus on audience interaction with linear content.

Imagine instead that the audience were part of the action – you enter the video, talk to the characters, and they talk back to you. Andrew recently interviewed Jonathan Strietzel, Founder of BigStage and Peter Hodge, CEO of Virsona, whose companies offer intriguing components of this future that have the potential to create big value for brands and media companies today.

If you have the vision to imagine what moving from linear to interactive content could do for your business, these interviews with BigStage and Virsona are must-listen conversations.

The Challenges and Opportunities for Brands and Games

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Brands and Games PanelIn this panel, the experts are focusing on advertising challenges and opportunities in games. They discuss what works and what doesn’t for in game advertising. They focus on what brands really want and how game companies need to start speaking a language advertisers understand. This is a continuation of our live blogging at the fourth panel from Digital Media Wire’s LA Games Conference 2008.

Christian Batist, SVP Marketing, Sulake Inc. (Habbo Hotel)
Barry Schaffer, President, Promotional Currency
Julie Shumaker, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Double Fusion
Keith Kane, Co-Founder, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Giant Realm
Mark Friedler, Internet Advertising, Media, Games Entrepreneur/Founder, GameDaily
Moderator: Chris Lang, SVP, Research Strategies, SmithGeiger, LLC

ADM Annouces Ad and Audience Standards for Downloadable Media

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Association for Downloadable MediaThe Association for Downloadable Media, an organization whose purpose is to help provide advertising and audience measurement standards for episodic and downloadable media, announced today a proposal for advertising standards at Ad:Tech San Francisco.

A cross section of podcasters, agencies, device manufacturers and others interested in monetizing downloadable media have developed the proposed standards.

Why do we need standards for downloadable media?

Future of Television Advertising

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Television is changing a lot and television advertising is changing with it. Tivo, DVRs and the internet are changing the way content and advertising is consumed. It changes the way TV ads need to work. This panel explores some of the changes they see on the horizon.

Karen Bressner, SVP, Advertising Sales, TiVo
Eric Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer, Heavy Corporation
Rick Mandler, VP, Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Media Networks
Robert Riesenberg, President & CEO, Full Circle Entertainment
Moderator: Joe Adalian, Television Editor, Variety

What’s the future of the 30 second spot?

How the Social Web is Remaking Brand Building

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BrandsIs brand based advantage eroding as Umair Haque argues in a post entitled The Shrinking Advantage of Brands?

Umair points to Millward Brown’s report about the top 100 most powerful brands in which the number one brand is Google as evidence that there is a shrinking advantage of brands.

Digital Podcast 38: ExpoTV’s David Becker on Managing Risk in Social Marketing Campaigns

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ExpoTVDavid discusses the concerns advertisers have about marketing around user generated content and some of the steps marketers can take to mitigate the risks. He provides case studies from other companies that show how they have managed to produce successful social marketing campaigns. David has suggestions about how to connect with super fans and turn them into allies that will make social marketing work for you.

Digital Podcast 21: Libsyn’s Chris MacDonald on the Association for Downloadable Media

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Chris MacDonald, Libsyn’s EVP of Business Development and Operations, told me all about the Association for Downloadable Media. Chris is the newly elected Chairman of the Association. Chris explained that the Association for Downloadable Media is focused on providing standards for advertising and audience measurement for episodic and downloadable media. If you are producing downloadable   …Continue Reading

Are Ads as Content the Future of Advertising?

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In a world where competition for attention is growing faster than ever and consumers get to skip the ads if they want, will advertisements as content save the day for advertisers? It’s not clear yet, but there is a growing body of evidence that it can and is being done by advertisers, both big and   …Continue Reading