Got Questions?

What is Digital Podcast?

Digital Podcast, founded in December, 2004, is focused on new media, the changing digital media value chain and the implications for content producers, advertisers and the technology that supports the delivery of new media.

The mission is twofold; Promoting new media content and profiling companies in the new media value chain. In addition to new companies, we profile existing companies that are making an impact the new media environment. Learn more about Digital Podcast.

What services does Digital Podcast provide?

In addition to promoting new media and profiling companies, we advise companies in the digital media value chain who need to more successfully monetize their businesses. Our work includes identifying new business opportunities, marketing strategy, go-to-market positioning and packaging products and services for companies in the interactive space.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file or series of audio files that you can subscribe to and automatically have new files downloaded onto your PC and then onto your mp3 player. You can use an iPod or any other mp3 player

How do I list a podcast?

To add a podcast to the directory go to the Add a Podcast link. It’s at the very top of every page, on the right hand side.

Once you fill in the form to add a podcast – it will be reviewed and then posted to the directory database. The 25 newest podcasts are listed on the home page.

How do change my podcast information?

Episode information is updated automatically from your RSS feed. If you would like to change your podcast title, description, website or feed address you can go to Update Podcast There you can edit your podcast information and user information.

What if someone else has listed my podcast-how do I get it under my control?

Contact Digital Podcast at digitalpodcast @ from the email you use in your RSS or that you post on your website. We will investigate and try to get it sorted out.
How do let my listeners vote for me?

Get a get rated button code by going to the Get Rated link found on the left of the silver separator bar below the search box. If you put in your podcast ID number it will generate the code you can use on your website to let users vote and rate for your podcast right on your site.

Do I need to relist every podcast episode?

No. If you post your new episodes in your RSS feed we will post them on your detail page.

How can I promote my podcast?

You can promote your podcast and new episodes by going to the podcast forums link (found just below the search box on every page). There you will find a forum called Promote Your Podcast. This is where you can write whatever you want about your podcast to draw attention to it. Titles to the posts are displayed on the home page – so write a good title to draw attention to your podcast. You can post for every episode.

How do I get on your lists of top ranked podcasts?

Digital Podcast offers three top podcast lists to help potential listeners know what’s popular.

My Podcast Favorites are the top 15 podcasts as ranked by the number of users who have included these podcasts on their My Podcast Subscriptions lists. You can create your own My Podcast Subscriptions list by going to My Podcasts and registering as a user. Once you register you can add podcasts to your Subscriptions list by clicking on the Add to My Podcasts button on the individual podcast listings.

Most Votes are the top 15 podcasts as ranked by the number of votes/ratings your podcast has received from your listeners. Add a Get Rated button to your site to increase your votes. This is how the top ranked sites are getting to the top of the list.

Most Visits are the top 15 podcasts as ranked by the number of visits the podcast has received from Digital Podcast.

How do I get featured?

We do feature individual podcasts. I try to look for podcasts that are just below the top 15 on each of lists to find podcasts that people clearly like, and deserve some additional attention.
How do I subscribe to one the podcasts using iTunes?

1. Copy the link to the podcast feed. — On the detail page of each podcast listed in the directory you will see a link called a Podcast Feed. You can copy this link by right clicking on the link and selecting copy shortcut. Or you can click on the link and copy the link from the address bar on your browser.

2. Add link to iTunes — Open up iTunes and go to the Advanced menu located on the top left of iTunes. Within the Advanced menu, you will see Subscribe to Podcast as the third listing. Choose this option and a dialogue box will open up asking for a URL. Paste the link to your Podcast Feed into the dialogue box and click OK. You have now added this podcast to your subscribed podcasts.

This process should work to add any podcast feed to your iTunes. You may see podcast feeds also described as RSS feeds and XML feeds. These are often shown on sites with an orange button with RSS or XML on them. The two step process should work with these also.

How do I ask a question?

Post a question in our Got Questions forum.