Create a Podcast

This podcast tutorial will show you how to create a podcast. To create a podcast you need to complete five easy steps.

  1. Create your audio file
  2. Upload your audio file
  3. Create your show notes on your website
  4. Create and publish your RSS feed
  5. Tell everyone you know where to find your RSS feed

1. Create your audio file

To create your audio file you will need a microphone and something that will record your audio. There are a variety of setups you can use. I have use a good quality logitec micriphone that connects to my computer using USB. I also use a Zoom h-4 portable recorder a lot. And I have a set up with a mixer, USB audio interface and a microphone. These are just some simple setups that work well. If you want you can also go big and buy a compressor, gate and other good toys. If you need equipment visit our Podcast Shop.

On the computer you can use Podcasting Software. I like Podcast Station a lot as it allows you to mix in different tracks as you record. If you want something that works well and is free, try Audacity with a Lame Plugin that allows you to save the file as an MP3.

Once you’ve got your set up start recording. Edit the audio with Podcast Station or Audacity. And if you want to automate the editing try the Levelator.

2. Upload your file

Once you’ve created your audio file you need to upload it to a web directory. If you don’t have a website you can get great deals on websites at Dreamhost and Midphase which give you lots of bandwidth and lots of storage at great prices. I’ve used both and they are excellent places to get started.

If you need a domain name, I use and Both seem to have good prices and work well.

If you need a website built, I suggest using WordPress. Both Dreamhost and Midphase have automatic installers for WordPress. Once you’ve installed wordpress make sure to activate the Podpress plugin and it will take care of a lot of what you need to do in the steps outlined below.

Create a directory on your website and upload the audio files using an FTP client. You can use a free one. I use and like FileZilla. Tell Podpress where to find the file and it will create the RSS feed for you. An RSS feed is a file that has a list of your podcasts formated using something called XML. Don’t worry about the technical stuff, if you use podpress you shouldn’t have any problems.

3. Create your show notes on your website

The easiest way to do this is to use WordPress and create a post. The post title will be the name of your podcast and the post text will be the description of the podcast and show notes. You can do similar things using other blogging software like MovableType and Blogger.

4. Create and publish your RSS feed

If you’re using WordPress and Podpress they will create your RSS feed for you. So make your life easy and use them. If for some reason you can’t use them here are some alternatives. Use to create a feed or use a service like Podcast Generator.

Once you have a URL for your podcast feed. Go to Digital Podcast, Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle, iTunes and other podcast directories and submit your podcast. They all are free so it’s worth spreading the word.

5. Tell your friends.

Once you have a podcast, you want people to listen. Make it easy for people. Tell them about it. Put it in your email signature, put it on your business card. Post it in forums. Make sure you tell the world that you were able to create a podcast.

If you need more help visit our forums and ask a question, or check out one of these great books on how to create a podcast.

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