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Battle at Kruger: A Tale of Two Media

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Logos - Battle at Kruger, National Geographic Channel, NY Times

Saturday’s NY Times Television story, You’ve Seen the YouTube Video; Now Try the Documentary, describes a viral video’s journey from YouTube to National Geographic Channel. It’s an extraordinary video of a herd of buffalo fighting off a pride of lions and a croc to save one of its calves, and the video’s adventure is almost as fascinating as the battle footage, with its viral popularity and National Geographic’s interest triggered by an incidental upload to YouTube because it was cheaper and easier than burning a DVD and mailing via USPS.

The New York Times story speaks to the growing power and influence of the internet and YouTube relative to broadcast television. But there’s also a meta-story that reinforces the challenge that traditional media companies face as they come to terms with the internet.

Brands as Publishers

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Bud - Tony Ponturo head shotTony Ponturo, President and CEO of Busch Media Group, spoke at the Future of Television conference. Tony observed the increasing complexity of marketing as the number of channels has exploded from the basic three back in 1972 to hundreds of thousands today with the web.

At the same time, the consumers are getting more sophisticated, diverse and elusive. Tony describes how the demographics of college markets are changing rapidly, in particular the increasing share of women in the college ranks and how that will change their marketing in the future.

He goes on to describe the rise of UGC and changing consumer media habits.

Carson Daly on Future of Television

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A traditional media guy by day and a new media student by night, Carson Daly spoke at Future of Television.

He describes how due to budget constraints he has had to figure out how to make his show work at 5 times the productivity of other shows. The tools and skills of the online content creators have proven that it can be done. Quality TV can be made for much less.

As for TV, it’s not dead. That’s crap.

Do We Need Internet Specific Content?

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This panel at the Future of Television conference focused on producing content specifically for the web. Do we need it? How should we approach it?

Alex Barkaloff, Executive Producer, Digital Media, Lionsgate
David Leibowitz, EVP, Business & Legal Affairs, Gotuit
Mara Winokur VP, Digital Media & Business Development, Starz Media LLC
John Edwards, CEO & President, Move Networks
Keith Richman, CEO,
Moderator: Lindsay Campbell, Host, MobLogic (a CBS company)

Do we need content created specifically for the web?

Should We Be Betting on Mobile TV?

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This panel at the Future of Television conference focused on the state of Mobile TV and its chances for success. How is it doing? What is needed for breakout success?

Bill Sanders, VP Mobile Programming & Digital Development, Sony Pictures Television
Derek Broes, SVP Worldwide Business Development, Paramount Pictures
Steve Smith, Managing Director, Playboy TV International
Douglas Craig, SVP Digital Media Operations, Discovery Communications
Seamus McAteer, Chief Product Architect & Senior Analyst, Media Metrics
Moderator: Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic

What are the gating factors for Mobile TV acceptance?

Metrics for TV 2.0

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This panel at the Future of Television focused on the metrics for TV 2.0

Eric Garland, CEO, BigChampagne
Eric McMillain, Partner, Proace
Steve Markov, SVP, Sales, Teletrax
Howard Shimmel, SVP, Client Insights, The Nielsen Company
Moderator: Chris Lang, SVP, Research Strategies, SmithGeiger, LLC

What are the measurement challenges?

Future of Television Advertising

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Television is changing a lot and television advertising is changing with it. Tivo, DVRs and the internet are changing the way content and advertising is consumed. It changes the way TV ads need to work. This panel explores some of the changes they see on the horizon.

Karen Bressner, SVP, Advertising Sales, TiVo
Eric Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer, Heavy Corporation
Rick Mandler, VP, Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Media Networks
Robert Riesenberg, President & CEO, Full Circle Entertainment
Moderator: Joe Adalian, Television Editor, Variety

What’s the future of the 30 second spot?

New Television Technologies

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This panel was focused on the new television technologies. The group focused the discussion on content distribution, in home media management, DVD-make-on-demand and the role of set top boxes/rental boxes.

Ashwin Navin, President & Co-Founder, BitTorrent
Anton Monk, Board Member & CTO, Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA)
Jeff Siegel, SVP, Regional Sales, Direct Response & Emerging Media, ESPN
Perry Solomon, SVP, Product Mktg, Monetization Solutions, FAST Search & Transfer
Brad Auerbach, VP, Strategic Business Development, Hewlett-Packard
Moderator: Kurt Scherf, VP & Principal Analyst, Parks Associates

What’s exciting about this space?

Worldwide Content Distribution

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Everyone seems to be producing content these days and the Internet is becoming a sort of worldwide TV network for audiences seeking entertainment. With global online video services, social media networks, and place-shifting devices national borders matter less and less in the television landscape. This panel discussed the consequences for the perspective of content creators, producers and advertisers as well as distributors and consumers.

What’s next for reality TV?

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This is the panel that focused on what’s next for reality TV:
Andrew Cohen, SVP, Production & Programming, Bravo, NBC Universal
David Lyle, President, Fox Reality Channel
John Saade, SVP, Alternative Series, Specials & Late-Night, ABC Entertainment
Ryan O’Hara, President, TV Guide Network & TV Guide Broadband
Moderator: Ken Rutkowski, Host & President, KenRadio Broadcasting

Do you start with content or advertising when you consider a reality show?