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Digital Podcast 32: Jeffrey Bridges of Pendant Productions

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As part of our Super Fan podcast series, I spoke with Jeffrey Bridges, founder and executive producer of Pendant Productions. Pendant is an audio production group dedicated to making radio dramas like the old radio serials of the ’30s and ’40s, only modernized for today’s audiences. Pendant had 986,000 downloads of their shows in 2007 which just goes to show how popular the productions are.

Digital Podcast 31: Chris Adams on Hollywood, The Web and Super Fans

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As part of our new Super Fan podcast series, we met with Chris Adams after last year’s Digital Hollywood conference to discuss his experience working with both movie producers and web producers. We focused on how these two very different organizational cultures need to learn from each other to realize the potential for online video and social media. Having done lots of work with both web based companies and feature film producers, Chris is able to provide excellent insights into the challenges these companies face in this era of new media. He understands the differences between the cultures and the need for help in bridging the gap.

New Media Business Models and the Economics of Community

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Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail, posts on What does the Media Business Model mean and with some help from friends goes on to list 24+ business models for monetizing media that do not require cash payment by the consumer (what he calls free or almost free). Whether it’s really free or not is in the eye of the beholder, but that’s a different discussion.

Making money podcasting has been tough for some, so I think the list of business models is great, particularly for those who might not have exhausted their imaginations for ideas on how to monetize media. However, I think that the immediate focus on business models is like losing sight of the forest because we are gazing so intently at the trees and the different types of trees that grow there.

Digital Podcast 26: A Conversation with Chey Bell About Podcasting

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Chey Bell, host of Outside Voice, was hosting NowLive when I spoke with NowLive’s CEO Kevin Bromber. Chey and I had a good conversation about Digital Podcast, super fans, social media, podcasting and how people can promote their podcasts. If you have a show of your own it has some good tips for promoting your   …Continue Reading