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Connected Gaming

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Chris Early, General Manager, Windows Gaming, Microsoft gave the end of day keynote at the LA Games Conference 2008. Chris describes himself as the Windows guy in the Xbox division. He focuses on connected gaming. Connected gaming has evolved from single device to cross platform connected games. That is being able to play Xbox games vs. people on the Windows platform. He points to ShadowRun as an example of this type of game.

Microsoft Makes Smart Acquisition

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RaptMicrosoft announced that it is acquiring Rapt, a provider of advertising yield management solutions for digital media publishers. Rapt’s system is used by a number of big players like Microsoft, Yahoo, CNET Networks, Dow Jones & Company, Expedia, Fox Interactive Media and a number of well recognized web properties.

So what is Rapt and why is this a smart acquisition?

Everyone Knows MicroHoo is a Bad Idea

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Yahoo told Microsoft to pony up a few more bucks if they really want the deal to go through. I hope for both Yahoo and MS that MS gets a clue. Microsoft has been hit hard in the market since the Yahoo bid with it’s stock down from $32 to $28 which is about a $30 Billion drop. The street is smart enough to know this deal is a bad deal, I hope MS gets the message. Although if I was some big fund with a bunch of Yahoo stock I’d be pushing hard for a sale, so Yahoo better get a clue about what it needs to do to stay independent.

Digital Podcast 37: Microsoft’s Dean Carignan on In Game Advertising

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As part of our Super Fan series, we interviewed Dean Carignan. Dean is Director, Advertising Business Strategy for Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division. Dean was able to provide us with some excellent perspective on these new advertising opportunities. He is part of a group that looks at opportunities to advertise via the Xbox, Media Center, Zune and mobile platforms. We go into depth on in game advertising and how important this new segment will be. He walked us through case studies of Domino’s Pizza and P&G that describe how a well designed campaign can add to the realism of the game experience and yield results for the advertiser.

This is must listen podcast for advertisers who are struggling with breaking through on television and are looking for new ways to market their products using these quickly growing platforms.

Why Googleville is Happy Tonight

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The folks at Google must be smiling tonight. Microsoft has been lured into putting a bid in for Yahoo. This is a waste of time, money and energy by Microsoft and that should make the Google folks more confident that they are on their way to overtaking Microsoft in the battle for leading technology company on the planet.

Digital Podcast 30: CEO Trey Shelton on Music Interactive

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As part of our ongoing quest to examine the intersection of media and monetization, I met with Trey Shelton, Founder and CEO of Music Interactive, to discuss the company’s new service that allows viewers/listeners to trade their time and attention for free content.

Trey founded Music Interactive in 2005 with the express purpose of   …Continue Reading

Christmas Traffic Jump Means Lots of iPods and Zunes

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I just checked Google analytics for the daily stats at Digital Podcast and I saw the biggest one time increase in daily visitors and page views. Digital Podcast’s traffic jumped up by 80% on Christmas day. I looked at the distribution of search terms for some anomaly, but it wasn’t there. Search terms remained consistent   …Continue Reading

Zune 80 in Short Supply

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According to USA Today, The Zune 80, Microsoft’s recently announced high-capacity digital music player, is competing with Apple’s entrenched iPod to be the electronic darling for holiday sales. But the Zune 80 is sold out or in limited supply after its first week at leading retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart. Perhaps this   …Continue Reading

Microsoft Buys into Facebook’s $15B Valuation

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The New York Times is reporting that: The two companies said on Wednesday that Microsoft would invest $240 million for a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook. The investment values the three-year-old Facebook, which will bring in about $150 million in revenue this year, at $15 billion. While I’m happy for the Facebook and Accel folks(Jim   …Continue Reading

Attack of the Zune – Part 2

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The iPod whipped the first Zune. It wasn’t even close. Now it’s time for round two and in an effort to differentiate the Zune, Microsoft claims it has added new unique features, enhanced it’s store and re-engineered the Zune hardware and software and the associated digital music store to make them easier to use. The   …Continue Reading