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Bing, Huffington Post, Fox News All Running Ads for Scams

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A couple of years ago, I wrote about Fake Blogs being used to promote marketing scams. It seems that the fake bloggers have moved on to become Fake News sites.

The fake blog scam used a fake blog to show how the fake blogger had lost weight using 2 magic products they saw on Oprah. They gave rave reviews to the products and had lots of fake comments too. They link you to a site to get supposedly free samples. If you signed up you got put on a monthly subscription for $70 per month or something like that, without really knowing you signed up for anything.

Ads for these kinds of sites were all over the internet, including the big search engines like Google. Google took steps to stop in on their site by banning everyone whoever ran an ad to such a site. They did it without appeal or warning. Just banned people for life. They banned me too because I had tested ads to see if they were hard to get approved. They weren’t hard to get approved. Google had no problems with them until much later when the FTC got involved. Despite Google’s harsh treatment of its customers, at least you won’t find those ads there any more.

Not so for Bing, Huffington Post, Fox News and other big name sites. They still run ads for these scammers.

StomperMobile – Free Mobile Social Media Webinar

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I’ve always thought that podcasting’s biggest moment would come when smart mobile phones like the iPhone become widespread. That day seems to be getting bigger and bigger. As a result, I’ve been on the lookout for information about how to be successful with mobile social media and mobile marketing.

I received a notice this morning about a free webinar on Mobile Social Media and Mobile Marketing that will be held Tonight at 8pm Eastern – 5PM pacific. That is Tuesday, March 9 at 8pm Eastern.

Click Here to Register for the Webinar(aff)

This one should be pretty cool because the guest will be Dan Hollings. This guy knows a LOT about internet marketing but has been testing and tweaking new MOBILE marketing strategies for months now.

Dan says the the biggest misconception most people have is that they think Mobile Marketing is just Internet Marketing on a smaller screen.

You really should join Dan and Brad Fallon Tuesday night on the call and they’ll give you some great new mobile strategies and tactics you’ll be able to use right off the bat.

Click Here to Register for the Webinar(aff)

Authority Rules – 10 Rules for Online Marketing

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Brian Clark, of Copyblogger, has just released a free report called Authority Rules. Brian’s a great writer and he has done a superb job of growing Copyblogger into a high traffic authority on blogging and copywriting.

If you’re a content producer of any kind, his new report is a fast 18 page read that’s worth getting and reading a couple of times.

Fake Diet Blogs Are Killing Affiliate Marketing

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Wherever you go on the web these days, you find all kinds of scams aimed at separating you from your money. One of the worst is the fake diet blog, which claims that the blogger lost 45 lbs in no time at all using two diet products. Here’s an example of the intro to one of these scams.