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Microsoft Makes Smart Acquisition

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RaptMicrosoft announced that it is acquiring Rapt, a provider of advertising yield management solutions for digital media publishers. Rapt’s system is used by a number of big players like Microsoft, Yahoo, CNET Networks, Dow Jones & Company, Expedia, Fox Interactive Media and a number of well recognized web properties.

So what is Rapt and why is this a smart acquisition?

ADM Forms Ad Council – Standards To Come at ad:tech

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The Association for Downloadable Media (ADM) announced the appointment of a special advertising agency liaison to the organization, along with the confirmation of a fourteen-member Ad Council, comprised of media professionals from leading interactive advertising agencies.

Digital Podcast 41: Advertise on an iPod

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Wizzard MediaIn Digital Podcast 41, we connect with Wizzard Media’s CEO Chris Spencer to talk about podcast based advertising. As Chris puts it, how else can you advertise on an iPod.

We cover some of the history of Wizzard and how they have brought together some of the most popular podcast hosting companies such as Libsyn and SwitchPod, and built a podcast advertising network to go with it.

The show focuses on podcast based advertising and in particular we discuss the two advertising campaigns Wizzard is running for the US Navy.

How the Social Web is Remaking Brand Building

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BrandsIs brand based advantage eroding as Umair Haque argues in a post entitled The Shrinking Advantage of Brands?

Umair points to Millward Brown’s report about the top 100 most powerful brands in which the number one brand is Google as evidence that there is a shrinking advantage of brands.

Digital Podcast 38: ExpoTV’s David Becker on Managing Risk in Social Marketing Campaigns

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ExpoTVDavid discusses the concerns advertisers have about marketing around user generated content and some of the steps marketers can take to mitigate the risks. He provides case studies from other companies that show how they have managed to produce successful social marketing campaigns. David has suggestions about how to connect with super fans and turn them into allies that will make social marketing work for you.

Digital Podcast 37: Microsoft’s Dean Carignan on In Game Advertising

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As part of our Super Fan series, we interviewed Dean Carignan. Dean is Director, Advertising Business Strategy for Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division. Dean was able to provide us with some excellent perspective on these new advertising opportunities. He is part of a group that looks at opportunities to advertise via the Xbox, Media Center, Zune and mobile platforms. We go into depth on in game advertising and how important this new segment will be. He walked us through case studies of Domino’s Pizza and P&G that describe how a well designed campaign can add to the realism of the game experience and yield results for the advertiser.

This is must listen podcast for advertisers who are struggling with breaking through on television and are looking for new ways to market their products using these quickly growing platforms.

Digital Podcast 21: Libsyn’s Chris MacDonald on the Association for Downloadable Media

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Chris MacDonald, Libsyn’s EVP of Business Development and Operations, told me all about the Association for Downloadable Media. Chris is the newly elected Chairman of the Association. Chris explained that the Association for Downloadable Media is focused on providing standards for advertising and audience measurement for episodic and downloadable media. If you are producing downloadable   …Continue Reading

Are Ads as Content the Future of Advertising?

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In a world where competition for attention is growing faster than ever and consumers get to skip the ads if they want, will advertisements as content save the day for advertisers? It’s not clear yet, but there is a growing body of evidence that it can and is being done by advertisers, both big and   …Continue Reading

Google Announces Adsense Youtube Mashup

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Google has now integrated Youtube video into Adsense. This is straight from the Google blog Inside AdSense: AdSense isn’t just for ads anymore; it’s also a place to get video content for your site — and earn extra revenue at the same time. We’re excited about the launch of video units — a new way   …Continue Reading