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Intel Ad Trys to Make Earthquakes Funny – Major Social Media Fail

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Intel’s social media marketing efforts failed miserably today. Intel was running a pretty bad ad campaign about earthquakes for some unknown reason. The earthquake in Haiti happens and Sky News has been running the ad repeatedly in front of a clip about the Haiti earthquake.

A bad disaster, a bad ad – you have to ask Intel what were you thinking?


Kari Aakre from Intel reached out to me to let me know Intel realized the issue and took action to remove the add. It’s good to see them respond responsibly and quickly. Apparently, Intel is working on technology to help deal with situations where two way communications have been interrupted/destroyed by situations like the Haiti earthquake. I hope they succeed.

Here’s Kari’s comment for reference:

The timing of Intel’s ad about its disaster communications technology research is unfortunate. While the media buy was made months ago, we are sensitive to the current situation and the people of Haiti, and pulled this ad as quickly as we could.

Separately, the Intel Foundation will match Intel employee donations to help support the people of Haiti during this difficult time.

Here’s the ad and a bit of the Sky News clip.

Downloadable Media Widgets – A New Tool for Advertisers and Podcasters

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Personal Life MediaI spoke with Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media, the other day and Susan told me about an exciting new widget that they are launching. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to a new widget, but this one seems really interesting because it introduces a new distribution mechanism for downloadable media that has the potential to make downloadable media much more attractive to advertisers.

And Susan’s making the widget available to other podcasters who want to do the same thing.

Want Engagement? Two Technologies That May Redefine Interactive Media

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If you follow digital media, you’ve heard a lot about the importance of audience engagement. But most engagement conversations focus on audience interaction with linear content.

Imagine instead that the audience were part of the action – you enter the video, talk to the characters, and they talk back to you. Andrew recently interviewed Jonathan Strietzel, Founder of BigStage and Peter Hodge, CEO of Virsona, whose companies offer intriguing components of this future that have the potential to create big value for brands and media companies today.

If you have the vision to imagine what moving from linear to interactive content could do for your business, these interviews with BigStage and Virsona are must-listen conversations.

Digital Podcast 52: Everyone Can Be a Star

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In Digital Podcast 52, Andrew interviews Jonathan Strietzel, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Big Stage, whose breakthrough technology allows users to create and integrate life-like 3-D avatars of themselves into movies, videogames, commercials and other digital video content using just three digital face photos.

Imagine if you and your friends could star in a music video, famous movie clip, or commercial as realistically as if you were around for the shoot. Jonathan describes the company and the potential that its technology has to transform advertising and the audience relationship with movies, television and videogames.

This Just In: Sex Sells

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Risky Business Kiss © Konstantin Tavrov,

You’ve seen the scantily clad cocktail waitresses in the casinos. The sexy woman posed on the hood of a car. We know that sex gets men’s attention.

But does sex actually sell?

A new research study by Brian Knutson of Stanford suggests the answer is yes; at least, that heterosexual men are more likely to take financial risks after being subjected to positive emotional stimuli – in the case of the study, erotic photos of a man and woman.

ADM Annouces Ad and Audience Standards for Downloadable Media

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Association for Downloadable MediaThe Association for Downloadable Media, an organization whose purpose is to help provide advertising and audience measurement standards for episodic and downloadable media, announced today a proposal for advertising standards at Ad:Tech San Francisco.

A cross section of podcasters, agencies, device manufacturers and others interested in monetizing downloadable media have developed the proposed standards.

Why do we need standards for downloadable media?

Popping the Question: Getting to Engagement, Part 2

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Andrew and Alex joined Forrester Research for its 2008 Marketing Forum. This article is the second in our series from the forum focused on customer engagement in a digital media world.

Realizing Your Return on Empathy (ROE)


Steve Kerho, VP Analytics, Organic

Mark Kingdon, CEO, Organic

Creating effective online (and offline) marketing solutions starts with a deep, emotional understanding of your customer segments and their needs – in other words, “empathy” for your customer “personas”. This empathy serves as a critical guide in designing online and other touchpoints, and the personas also support breaking down how you measure and respond to online performance.

Brands as Publishers

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Bud - Tony Ponturo head shotTony Ponturo, President and CEO of Busch Media Group, spoke at the Future of Television conference. Tony observed the increasing complexity of marketing as the number of channels has exploded from the basic three back in 1972 to hundreds of thousands today with the web.

At the same time, the consumers are getting more sophisticated, diverse and elusive. Tony describes how the demographics of college markets are changing rapidly, in particular the increasing share of women in the college ranks and how that will change their marketing in the future.

He goes on to describe the rise of UGC and changing consumer media habits.

Future of Television Advertising

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Television is changing a lot and television advertising is changing with it. Tivo, DVRs and the internet are changing the way content and advertising is consumed. It changes the way TV ads need to work. This panel explores some of the changes they see on the horizon.

Karen Bressner, SVP, Advertising Sales, TiVo
Eric Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer, Heavy Corporation
Rick Mandler, VP, Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Media Networks
Robert Riesenberg, President & CEO, Full Circle Entertainment
Moderator: Joe Adalian, Television Editor, Variety

What’s the future of the 30 second spot?

Be Real Publisher

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As a follow up to our earlier post of Think Publishing, Not Podcasting, I found Jason Calacanis’s post asking “Are ad networks for loser/weak publishers” a must read for anyone serious about building a publishing business.

Jason argues that if you are serious about building a publishing business you need to take control of your advertising sales. I could not agree more. Jason says that if you’re under $250,000 in revenue then ad networks are ok, but over $250,000 in revenue you should hire a sales person and build your own advertising revenue stream.

I think you should start a lot earlier…