Amazon to Fight California Affiliate Tax With Referendum

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Amazon filed a petition with the California Attorney General to suspend the law recently passed by the State Legislature that attempts force out of state retailers with affiliates in state to collect sales tax. The petition was approved by the Attorney General and Amazon can now go on to collect signatures to try and get it on the ballet.

I tried reading the petition, but it’s a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo to me. The Attorney Generals title and summary are as follows:

REFERENDUM TO OVERTURN LAW REQUIRING INTERNET RETAILERS TO COLLECT SAME SALES OR USE TAXES AS OTHER RETAILERS. If signed by the required number of registered voters and filed with the Secretary of State, this petition will place on the statewide ballot a challenge to an existing state law. The law must be approved by voters at the next statewide election to remain in effect. the law expands the definition of retailers considered “engaged in business” in California to include certain Internet retailers selling to California consumers, so that out-of-state Internet retailers also collect existing sales or use taxes.

That’s easier to read than the petition, but I still don’t know what their talking about.

It will be interesting to watch Amazon fight it out with the Wal-Mart shill Main Street Alliance and labor unions.

One thought on “Amazon to Fight California Affiliate Tax With Referendum

  1. California voters and/or former Amazon affiliates,

    Go sign up the petition to overturn the new CA internet sale tax law! if you want Amazon to work for your business or for your website, then sign up the petition to stop collecting the sale tax, please! I want Amazon to come back and re-hire us in CA.