What is the Best Music Organizer?

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My music is a mess. It seems that I have accumlated lots and lots of music and it isn’t pretty. So, I need to find a way to organize my music.

I’ve thought a little bit about what I want and I think the basic requirements are:

  • Remove duplicate songs
  • Fix misspelled song titles, artist names
  • Find missing titles, genres, artist info and attach it to each song
  • Find missing artwork and attach it to each song
  • Do all the above really well and automatically

Looking around on the Google I’ve found a couple of candidates: Rinse and TuneUp.  Both cost $20-30, but I’m planning on buying both and having a little shootout to find the best one.

I figure I’ll use a spare hard drive to make a back up of my iTunes collection and run both software packages on the collection to see which is the best music organizer.

If you have suggestions for a music organizer please let me know.

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