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Click here to get the free report(aff).

Of all the questions I get about podcasting, one question seems to be almost universal. That question is can you make money podcasting? That’s the question people want the know about.

At the last Blogworld conference, I learned that there are people making money. The key is having your own product and using your content to promote your product.

The reason I revisit this, is that I just read a great report by a guy named Gideon Shalwick. I’had never heard of Gideon before, but I saw his report referred to by a number of people I know. So, I signed up and got his report. It’s free, so why not.

What I found was really interesting. Gideon has taken the next step in the business model. Gideon shows how to turn your video podcast into a business.

He combines YouTube, a video blog, an email list and a product into a business model. He calls the process Rapid Video Blogging. And he shows you how to do it in his free report.

The report is 95 pages long and covers a lot of material.

The report shows you how to

  • Select a niche to build your product
  • Create high quality videos
  • Connect YouTube, your blog and email
  • And how to monetize the setup

And if you want more, he’s offering a coaching class to help you turn your podcast into a business.

I highly recommend getting the free report, even if you just want to be more successful in growing and engaging your audience. The report has lots of good ideas for every video podcaster, and I’m sure the same ideas apply to people doing audio too. Just bypass the hype and dig out what helps you.

Click here to get the free report(aff).

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