10 Challenges for Social Tech

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Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group has a good post about the challenges facing the social technology industry.

Jeremiah does lots of good work exploring what’s going on the social tech industry and usually has lots of good content.  I really like this post however, because it sets the stage for some focused innovation on some of the issues that need to be addressed to make social tech more useful and productive.

A good list to provoke some innovation if you ask me.

Here’s his list of ten challenges he thinks the industry needs to address:

  1. Noise overwhelms signal
  2. Amateurism threatens expertise
  3. Power shift to participants
  4. Fast moving industry creates confusion
  5. Risk of overhype
  6. Lack of qualified talent
  7. Measurement elusive
  8. Disparate Data and Irregular Standards.
  9. Culture shift creates an internal rift inside institutions.
  10. Privacy Woes scare companies and consumers.

He does a good job of expanding on these topics in his matrix. I think this is a good list of issues for the industry, although I’m not so sure about #2. I don’t see amateurism threatening expertise as a challeng. I’ve seen lots of “experts” are anything but experts, and plenty of amateur who know what they’re talking about.

It’s worth checking out his post if you’re looking for some ideas about where innovation is needed.

Click here to see the post.

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