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Brian Clark, of Copyblogger, has just released a free report called Authority Rules. Brian’s a great writer and he has done a superb job of growing Copyblogger into a high traffic authority on blogging and copywriting.

If you’re a content producer of any kind, his new report is a fast 18 page read that’s worth getting and reading a couple of times. He focuses on the value of authority and it’s role in building your “tribe” (audience). He goes on to provide 10 rules for how to build authority on the web.

Here’s the list:

  1. The Winning Difference – What makes you and your content unique and valuable?
  2. Don’t Sell.. Teach – It works better.
  3. Cornerstone Content – Some awesome content that your audience loves and loves.
  4. Headlines and Hooks – A killer headline is the difference between 2 of 10 reading your stuff or 8 of 10.
  5. Win Friends to Influence People – What other people say about you matters a lot.
  6. The Money’s in the List – I’ve said it myself, build your list.
  7. SEO Matters – Optimizing your content for search engines makes it findable and ranks you higher
  8. Code Google Loves – Google likes good code and helps those that provide it.
  9. Design Makes the Site – Pleasing packages build trust
  10. Tend to Your Tribe – love and protect your audience – they trust you.

So what’s missing? What would you add to the list?

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